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I Lost My Way Finding Happiness after Despair by Yasmin Mogahed

I Lost My Way Finding Happiness after Despair by Yasmin Mogahed

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Author : Yasmin Mogahed
Publisher: Tertib Publishing
Year Published: July 2020 (second edition)
Language: English
Genre: Motivation, Spiritual
ISBN: 9789671740248
Pages: 62
Format: Paperback

People defines happiness differently. We know that true happiness is the happiness of the heart. How can we find happiness after despair? Then now, how to build happiness?

There are different ways of thinking. There is despair thinking and there is a husnudzon billah thinking, that is having positive opinion of Allah. In this situation, husnudzon billah would be like, I am having this challenge because Allah is strengthening me, because Allah is protecting me from maybe something else.



Chapter 1: The Promise of Allah

Chapter 2: Stop Focusing on Yourself

Chapter 3: Hope

Chapter 4: Ways of Thinking

Chapter 5: Happiness

Chapter 6: You Have a Visitor

Chapter 7: Mindfulness

Chapter 8: Gratitude

Chapter 9: A Problem-Solver

Chapter 10: Generosity

Chapter 11: Remembrance of Allah

Chapter 12: Conclusion

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